St. Lad's Six Digit Club:

The Six Digit Club is composed of St Lad's graduates that have gone on to make at least $100,000.

St Lads Popcorn

St Lads Popcorn (m, Twin B Champ - Hot Butter - Northern Luck) p,2 1:52.2s ($654,606) 12 wins. Winner of 2008 O'Brien Award for 2yr Pacing Fillies and Winner of 2008 Nova Award for 2 yr Pacing Fillies. At 2, won 12 of 15 starts, Winner of 4 OSS Gold Finals, Winner of the OSS Superfinal, Winner of 3 OSS Trilliums and Winner of the Robert Stewart Stakes.


Machal Jackson - (Sold as St Lads Turbo # 2)
(g, Mack Three - Warrawee Cammy)
p,2, 1:54.1s 3, 1:50.1s ($562,715)


 Mach It Paid - (Sold as St Lads Turbo # 1)
(g, Mach Three - Silver Words)
p, 1:51.3f ($456,765)

St Lads Kingpin
(g, Million Dollar Cam - Classify)
p, 1:50m ($447,892)


St Lads Neptune
(g, Mach Three - Sunbather - Dragon Again)
p, 2, 1:55s; p,3, 1:50.3s ($330,532)


St Lads Moonwalk
(h, Mach Three - Warrawee Cammy)
 p, 1:49.1m ($291,844)

St Lads Maggie Mae
(m, I Am A Fool - Imagine)
p, 1:52.4h ($261,939)

 St Lads Morgan
(m, Mach Three - Montana Bound)
p,3, 1:56.1s; 1:50.4f ($254,413)


St Lads Peeper
(m, Mach Three - Hot Butter)
p, 1:51.4s ($247,045)

St Lads Speedy

(g, Mr Lavec - Special Speed)
1:56.4s ($245,111)

St Lads HeMan
( g, Northern Luck - Ladylike)
p, 1:48.4f ($241,980)


Jan It Jackson (St Lads Phoenix)
(m, Badlands Hanover - Warrawee Cammy)
p, 1:50.1s ($233,211)

St Lads Seraph
(m, Northern Luck - Our Wild Angel)
p, 1:54.3f ($226,454)

 St Lads Hailaroo
(m, Presidential Ball - Guelph Gal)
p, 1:52.2s ($220,589)

St Lads Penny Lane
(m, Million Dollar Cam - Imagine)
p, 1:51.2s ($220,000)


St Lads ZoomZoom
(g, Apaches Fame - St Lads Sassy)
p,3, 1:55h; 3, 1:52.4s; 4, 1:50.2f ($210,831)


St Lads Treasure
(m, No Pan Intended - Silver Words)
p, 1:52.2s ($209,445)


Chianaglia - (Sold as St Lads StorminNormin)
(h, Blissful Hall - Guelph Gal)
p, 1:51.4s ($196,825)


St Lads Lotto
(g, Stonebridge Regal - Sweeps Ticket)
p, 1:50s ($185,193)


St Lads Gidget
(m, Jeremes Jet - Guelph Gal)
p, 1:51h ($171,832)


Go Smarty Brand - (Sold as St Lads Superfly)
(g, Camotion - Flywheel)
p, 1:53.3f ($164,272)

St Lads Trixie
(m, Artesian - Tricky Fame)
p, 2 1:56.4h ($163,217)


Courageous Decision - (Sold as St Lads Zoom Zoom)
(h, Camluck - Guelph Gal)
p, 1:53.4s ($161,872)


St Lads Flirt
(g, Camluck - Our Wild Angel)
p, 1:51.3f ($154,972)


St Lads Dude
(g, Astreos - Armbro Dandy)
p,2, 2:00.2h, 3, 1:58.4h, 1:52.4f ($154,257)


 St Lads JuJube
(m, Valleymeister - Sans Pareille)
1:57.1f ($148,276)


St Lads Moxie
(m, Camotion - Warrawee Cammy)
p, 1:50.4f ($136,451)

  St Lads Zena
(m, Apaches Fame - Natural Ingredient)
p, 1:53s ($133,556)


St Lads GoGal
(m, Northern Luck - Guelph Gal)
p, 1:53.4f ($125,836)


 St Lads Juicyfruit
(m, Gothic Dream - Truly Gala)
p, 1:51.1m ($123,437)

Lady Gigi - (Sold as St Lads Gigi)
(m, Camluck - Guelph Gal)
p, 1:55.4h ($122,074)


Thunderbolt Jaxon
(g, Mach Three - Warrawee Cammy)
p, 1:52.4h ($112,226)


 Distant Cam - (Sold as St Lads Slingshot)
(h, Camluck - Distant Sign)
p, 1:54.1s ($110,214)

St Lads Magnum
(g, DM Dilinger - Truly Gala)
p, 1:53.2f ($109,962)

St Lads Survivor
(m, Matts Scooter - Fire N Grace)
p, 1:53.4z ($108,844)


(h, Mister Big - Sunbather - Dragon Again)
p, 1:54h ($106,890)


Luck Happens - (Sold as St Lads Mr Mueller)
(h, Camluck - Keystone Martha)
p, 1:54.2f ($106,625)

St Lads Nikki
(m, Camluck - Keystone Martha)
p, 1:54.2s ($102,828)

St Lads Adonis
(g, Western Terror - Love Strings)
p, 1:55.3f ($102,162)