Control The Moment – Warrawee Cammy – Camluck
Brown colt – foaled April 24, 2020

1st Dam – Warrawee  Cammy p,3, 1:58.4f ($15,990) by Camluck. Dam of:
     Machal Jackson (g, Mach Three) p,2, 1:54.1s; p,3, 1:50.1s ($562,715)
     St Lads Moonwalk (h, Mach Three) p,2, 1:53.2s; 3, 1:51s; 4, 1:49.1 ($291,844)
     Jan It Jackson (m, Badlands Hanover) p,2, 1:57.3f; p,3, 1:50.1s ($233,211) Dam of:
          Semi Tough (c, Somebeachsomewhere) p,2, 1:51.1f; 3,1:50.3f; 1:50h ($630,298)
          Jazz Fest (f, Captaintreacherous) p,2, 1:54.3f ($28,756) Now 3
     St Lads Moxie (m, Camotion) p,2, 1:56.1f; 1:50.4f ($136,451) Dam of:
          Ateyatefngerslouie (g, Mach Three) p, 1:57h ($73,226)
          Arnoldthepaperboy (g, Mach Three) p, 1:57.1h ($46,210)
     Thunderbolt  Jaxon (h, Mach Three) p, 1:52.4h ($112,226)
     St Lads Supersonic (h, Mach Three) p,2, 2:01.1h; 1:54.2f ($99,884)
     St Lads Billie Jean (m, Mach Three) p,3, 1:59.3h  ($22,841)
     St Lads Sassy (m, No Pan Intended). Dam of:
          St Lads ZoomZoom (g, Apaches Fame) p, 1:52.4s; 1:50.2f ($210,831)
          St Lads Charger (h, Sportswriter) p, 1:52.1m ($77,647)
     St Lads Thriller (h, Mach Three) p,3, 1:51.3s ($78,862)
     St Lads Beat It (g, Mach Three) p,2, 1:52.2s ($36,328)
2nd Dam – Light Up by Artsplace. Dam of:
     Sunshine Beach (h, Somebeachsomewhere) p, 1:47.4f ($977,438)
     Safe Harbor (h, Village Jolt) p, 1:50.1f ($615,873)
     Warrawee Flare (m, Northern Luck) p, 1:50.3s ($609,019)
     Western Moonlight (m, Western Hanover)p, 2, 1:52.3m ($366,091). Dam of:
          Bettors Western (g, Bettors Delight) p,2, 1:52f; 1:51.4f ($234,133)
          Western Beachboy (g, Somebeachsomewhere) p, 1:52h ($168,704)
          Moolight Artist (g, Real Artist) p, 1:51.3f ($168,277)
     Four Starz Lights (g,  Cams Card Shark) p, 1:51.1f ($192,199)
     Real Shiny (g, Real Desire) p, 1:55f ($127,814)
     Warrawee Dazzle (m, Dexter Nukes) p, 1:57s($27,935). Dam of:
          Joanniehasafanny (m, Goliath Bayama) p, 1:53.3h ($151,338)
          Everything Zen (m, Goliath Bayama) p, 1:56.4f ($70,815)

Warrawee Cammy (as above)


Consigned and Raised by St Lads Farm, Ruscom Station, ON
auction closes
closing time
Oct. 19
BROWN COLT Foaled April 24, 2020 Registration #1VP97
Microchip #985141001324511