Control The Moment – Fade To Black – Northern Luck
Brown filly – foaled May 25, 2020

1st Dam – Fade To Black by Northern Luck. Dam of:
     Narcian Jewel (m, Shadow Play)  p,3, 1:54.2s; 4, 1:51.3f ($366,304)
     Fading Shadow (m, Shadow Play) p,2, 1:55.4h; 3, 1:54s; 4, 1:53.4f ($112,029)
     Darth Fader (g, Shadow Play) p, 1:52.1s ($64,387)
     Desolation Row (m, Shadow Play) p, 1:55h ($59,602)
     Fade Away (m, Shadow Play) p, Q1:55.3s ($47,728)
     Metallica (c, Shadow Play) p,2, 1:53.2 ($13,397)

2nd Dam – Decor – p,2, 1:54s ($376,168) by Artsplace. Dam of:
     Northern Sky (m, Northern Luck) p,2, 1:53.1; 4, 1:51.2s ($860,139). Dam of:
          Novascotia Hanover (m, Somebeachsomewhere)p,2, 1:54.3f 3, 1:51.1f($512,486)
          Northwest Hanover (m, Western Hanover) p,2, 1:53.4s 3, 1:50.4s ($348,077)
          Jaclyn Hanover (m, Dragon Again) p,3, 1:53.2f 1:51.2s ($254,236)
          Nicholas C Hanover (g, Western Hanover) p,2, Q 1:56.4f 3, 1:51.4s ($119,002)
          Notetoself (g, Big Jim) p, 1:52.3f ($116,578)
     Northern Jade (m, Northern Luck) p,2, 1:59h 3, 1:56.1f ($41,482). Dam of:
          Classic Gent (h, Blissful Hall) p,2, 1:56.1f 3, 1:51.2s ($509,491)
          Stratosphere (g, Mach Three) p, 1:53.2s ($134,828)
     Breathe (m, Northern Luck) p,2, 1:57.4f 3, 1:54.2s ($32,042). Dam of:
          Wind Me Up (h, Bettors Delight) p,2, 1:51.1s 3, 1:50.2 ($350,814)
          Fade (m, Shadow Play) p,2, 1:55s 3, 1:51.3s ($292,872)
          Pop The Tags (m, Bettors Delight) p,2 Q1:55f 3, 1:54h 4, 1:52.4h ($256,274)
          Buggsy Yankee (g, Western Hanover) p,2, Q2:03h 3, 1:54.3f 1:52.1f ($153,737)
     Imagine p,3, 1:58.4f ($16,272)(m, Northern Luck) Dam of:
          St Lads Maggie Mae (m, I Am A Fool) p, 1:52.4h ($301,255)
          St Lads Penny Lane (m, Million Dollar Cam) p, 1:51.2s ($220,000)